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Prior to becoming a student and teacher of Yoga, I primarily worked with Dance. 

I began my yogic journey while pursuing my BA in Dance, at Hollins University in Roanoke Virginia.

Later, I rediscovered my love of Yoga (studying Ashtanga and Integral) and decided I wanted to deepen my understanding of its history and practice.   

While I continue to study and teach Dance, I strongly feel that Yoga offers an alternative path to discovering the self. 

In May of 2008, I became a certified Integral Yoga® Instructor!

Preceding this certification, was an intense six month period of teacher training, overseen by Nora "Vimala" Pozzi, director of the Integral Yoga® Center of Richmond.

Integral Yoga®, was created through the teachings of Swami Satchidananda.
He felt that the overall goal of Yoga is to quite the mind so that we may abide in our true self, which by nature is peaceful and happy.

What I love about Integral Yoga®, is that it is a synthesis of all six branches of Yoga.

Raja: Concentration and Meditation/Sutras of Patanjali

Jnana: Intellect/Study of Scriptures

Karma: Selfless Service

Bhakti: Love and Devotion

Japa: Chanting

Hatha: the physical development of the body through postures (or asanas), breath control (pranayama), and deep relaxation

An Integral Yoga® class is non-competitve, suitible for all ages and levels of experience, and can be envisioned as a moving meditation, moving through the various postures with gentleness and grace.

Over the past year, I had the honor to teach Integral, Hatha, and Power Yoga as well as help lead Kirtan, at the Uttara Yoga Studio in Roanoke, Va.

I welcome any questions about the Yogic path! Om Shanti!!!

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