This film represents a series of dreams and events that occurred during my childhood. 
These dreams were repetitive and apocalyptic in nature. My use of the term 'apocalypse' is not necessarily religious in nature. 
I am interested in a broader definition that includes natural and artificial (fueled by man) disasters and traumatic familial or social events.
Through the use of archival footage (gathered at the National Archives in College Park Maryland), I was able to recontextualize these events and link them to the outside world.

How are the lines of 'choice' and 'experience' are drawn? How do these factors in turn affect our psyche as we age?


Screenings include:

VCU International Student Film Festival, Richmond, Va., October 2006
Reel Venus Film Festival, New York, New York , June 2006
VCU Student Film Festival, Richmond, Va., April 2006
ADA Gallery, Richmond Va., March 2006
Flicker, Richmond Va. witness, November 2005 

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