vanessa fassié_ soluble self

Hollins University_M.A.L.S._Thesis Work_ a multi-media work...

An exploration...

How humans have become desensitized through the mass media, propaganda, and modern technology.

How new forms of media change our inner most thought processes and external modes of communication.

How and why our society has become so dependant on modern technology and its changing identity.

How societal constructs have fostered the prolific growth and advancement of technology.

A multi-media work...Layer upon layer, a tiny universe built.

A world filled with illusions, where human interaction appears broken and unattainable.

Human connection occurs, despite the surrounding distractions and competing media.

How self-actualization is attained, remains open to the performers and the audience.

I acknowledge the power and influence that technology has over my work and attempt to find a balance between the elements...

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